Zodiac Placements Most Likely To Indicate Psychopathy -

Zodiac Placements Most Likely To Indicate Psychopathy

We use the term “psycho” pretty broadly in everyday language to describe anyone whose behavior seems confusing or extreme: from over-demanding supervisors to possessive ex-boyfriends to the cat that won’t stop running from room to room.

However, the clinical definition of a true psychopath is a lot more specific.

According to Psychology Today, psychopaths (sometimes also grouped with sociopaths) are egotistical and selfish, lack emotions, have no sense of fear, readily lie and manipulate others to get what they want, and become aggressive or even violent when they don’t get their way.

They just don’t relate to other people or form the same kind of social and emotional connections and attachments that the rest of us take for granted. In their mind, the world really does revolve around them, and other people are there to serve their own needs and whims.

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It can be difficult to spot a psychopath at first, if ever. The Hollywood image of a chainsaw-wielding maniac is rare in real life. In fact, it’s highly unlikely that any psychopath will become a serial killer.

True psychopaths are good at fitting in: they have learned to get along in society and adjust their behavior around others according to what’s expected. It’s all an act, though; they’re just reciting the appropriate script for the situation. They can be annoying, even threatening, but in most cases, you can easily avoid them once you recognize the patterns.

The natal astrology chart does not necessarily show whether someone is or is not a psychopath.