What Your Solar Return Means In Astrology -

What Your Solar Return Means In Astrology

A solar return chart in astrology is cast on or near your birthday, which puts the Sun back into your Sun sign in the same precise position as it was when you were born.

It is calculated at the location you will be at the time of the return.

What is a solar return?

Your solar return starts at the time that your Sun arrives at the exact position when you were born until the time the next solar return begins. When you calculate your solar return chart, the Sun’s placement reveals certain astrological energy, directions, tendencies, and interests for the coming solar year.

It doesn’t supersede or surpass your energy in your natal chart but, can give some astrological energy for the coming year. You may still exhibit energy strongly connected with your natal chart, but perhaps some with the solar return chart for that year.

You can use a free solar chart calculator to calculate the exact date and time of your solar return.

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Solar return house meaning

The house the Sun falls in the solar return chart can indicate the sector of life the sun’s energy will be injected into for the coming year.