Top 5 Zodiac Placements That Determine Compatibility When You Compare Birth Charts -

Top 5 Zodiac Placements That Determine Compatibility When You Compare Birth Charts

Any two people can make a relationship work if they both really want to. No one is “destined” to be with anyone else in particular.

However, there are some couples who sure do make it look like they were created to be together, and others that make you wonder how they get through a day without killing each other.

Where do you and your partner fall on this scale? 

Astrology can tell you a lot about why your relationship is or isn’t successful.

When you compare your birth chart with your partner’s, there are a few things that will show whether you can expect your relationship to be one of the easy ones, or if you’re going to have a lot of work to do if you want to stay together.

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The technical term for a comparison between two charts is synastry. A synastry chart shows how certain astrology placements combine their energy in the twelve houses of the chart and the effects that the planets in both charts have on one another.

The synastry chart describes where you and your partner mesh really well. It will also give you a good idea of where your personalities clash the most, as well as what you can do to work through these rough spots.

Of course, there are so many combinations that a thorough interpretation can become quite complicated. When you put two charts together, it gets even deeper. A full synastry chart takes quite a while to read since it shows all the details and little nuances of a relationship.

Don’t be intimidated, though — you don’t need to be a professional to pick out the most obvious and important points.