Today’s Wordle #397 Hint And Answer: Thursday, July 21st -

Today’s Wordle #397 Hint And Answer: Thursday, July 21st

Well I’m here in sunny San Diego, California for Comic-Con but that doesn’t mean I don’t have some time to pen a Wordle guide.

Comic-Con is back with COVID-19 restrictions in place and nerds from all over the world in attendance. Fans of Game Of Thrones, Marvel, DC Comics, and myriad other franchises are lining up to see the latest footage, get a glimpse of the stars and get a sneak peak at upcoming TV shows, movies and more. It’s my first time attending and I’m pretty stoked.

In any case, today’s Wordle is actually a very tricky one. I’m curious to see how everyone fares trying to puzzle this one out. I had some trouble!

How To Play Wordle

For anyone who hasn’t played Wordle before (somehow?) it’s a very straightforward game. It’s simple to understand and play, though depending on the daily word, your luck and your vocabulary, it can be quite challenging!

Basically you get one word per day and six guesses to figure out the correct answer. You’ll guess a five-letter word and any correct letters will show up in yellow boxes if the letter is in the wrong spot or green boxes if it’s in the right spot.

Once you get the right word, you win. If you can’t get it in six, you lose. Pretty simple!

Today’s Wordle #397 Hint & Answer

As always, here is your friendly neighborhood spoiler warning.

Now, a hint: Spotted insects enjoy these tasty snacks.

And the answer is . . . .

That’s a tricky Wordle!

I think my opening guess was pretty good, though maybe luckier than anything. Brail got me the ‘I’ in green and the ‘A’ in yellow, but once I started thinking of second guesses I really couldn’t come up with much. I actually spaced the ‘A’ when I went with fetid, which would have been a mistake except that it got me the ‘D’ in green also.

With that in place, I thought of a word I use a lot of the time to describe . . . a lot of people and went with vapid. This turned out to be a great guess, giving me the ‘P’ in yellow and telling me exactly where the ‘A’ had to go. Since the ‘P’ could then only go in the second box, I quickly new that aphid was the answer.

Wordle Bot later informed me that it, too, would have guessed vapid. Great minds think alike and all that (though really, talk about truisms. Great minds think radically different from one another. That’s what makes them great!)

Have a lovely Thor’s Day, young padawans!

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