The Most Important Zodiac Placement In Your Child's Birth Chart -

The Most Important Zodiac Placement In Your Child’s Birth Chart

The Moon is similar to an emotional map.

Your moon placement reveals how your early childhood development was paved as well as the relationship you have with your parents, especially your maternal figures. Your Moon sign is how you emotionally connect with others and build long-lasting relationships.

The importance of the natal Moon placement — both the sign and the house — is evident in parenting, especially in a child’s early life when communication isn’t clear.

Understanding the emotional needs of your child’s Moon sign can help you see how they want to be loved.

When parents know their child’s Moon sign, they can learn how to build a good foundation with their child based on what the Moon requires emotionally.

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A good foundation leads to trust. Once trust is established between parent and child, the child can be more willing to express their emotions in an environment that brings them a sense of security, freedom, and no judgment. 

Aries Moon child

Having an Aries Moon makes the natives fearless and determined.