The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On November 10, 2022 -

The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On November 10, 2022

It’s ‘how many times can I put my foot in my mouth day, and while we may not have gotten the memo, prepare for some seriously dumb moves made on our part.

What’s the problem here? The problem lies in the transit, which is Mercury square Saturn, and whenever we encounter a transit like this one, we can know one thing for sure: We are about to say the wrong thing, and that wrong thing is going to last a long, long time.

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“Some mistakes are built to last” sang George Michael in his song, ‘Freedom.’ We will be making mistakes that are built to last during Mercury square Saturn, and that of course implies that what we do during this transit on this day, will have an everlasting effect.

Oh boy. We need to think things through before we dash on into any conversation today. What is said in jest will be taken as law; it’s as if nobody has a sense of humor today.

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Thinking we can get out of it by telling whomever we’ve offended so intensely that “it was just a joke, just a little, dumb joke…” Is just not going to work. Nobody gets our jokes today. Nobody gets anybody’s joke today. It’s a weird, humorless day where everyone in our lives seems to be taking everything way too seriously. And if our egos are fragile enough, we, too, will feel insulted and affronted by every little non-sequitur that occurs.