How Each Of The 8 Moon Phases Affect Your Love Life -

How Each Of The 8 Moon Phases Affect Your Love Life

The energies associated with each of the 8 Moon phases affect each of us in various ways.

Lunar energy can have a significant impact on your love life and your mood, influencing your behaviors and your relationships. By understanding the energy specific to each phase of the Moon, you’ll have a greater knowledge of how to harness them so you can have the best love life possible.

If there’s one constant in the night sky, it’s the changing face of the Moon. Certainly, the most obvious is the brilliant orb of the Full Moon, but there are actually eight distinct phases of the Moon which each represent a different theme you can tap into.

Whether you’re an ardent Moon-lover who tracks the Moon phases on a calendar every single month or you just happen to notice the lunar phase occasionally, there’s no denying that the Moon has a powerful influence on our outer world in many ways.

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Just look at the effect the Moon has on the tides. Is it any wonder that, with our bodies made up of more than 60 percent water (80 percent at birth), we humans are inexorably tied to Her rhythms as well?

But as many sensitive souls will tell you, Moon phases can deeply affect our inner world as well. Yes, I’m one of those sensitive souls, a Moon baby, born under the sign of Cancer, which in astrology is ruled by the Moon. But I promise, it’s not just us Cancers who feel Her gentle (and sometimes not so gentle!) pull.

The powerful impact of the Moon has been highlighted since ancient times. Both Greek philosopher Aristotle and Roman historian Pliny the Elder proposed that the brain was the “moistest” organ and therefore humans were particularly susceptible to the changes in the Moon.