Catwoman Claws Her Way Through Some Dangerous Liaisons -

Catwoman Claws Her Way Through Some Dangerous Liaisons

It might be icy outside, but Catwoman is ready to turn up the heat in Gotham City! Her ongoing solo series has now been collected into a fierce new volume that’s sure to keep you warm over a comfy weekend of reading. After Selina Kyle finished up her business in Alleytown, a new creative team took the helm and steered her back home to Gotham proper for a noir thriller that will leave you breathless for more.

Catwoman Vol. 1: Dangerous Liaisons collects issues #39-44 by Tini Howard, Nico Leon and Bengal. While the Bat’s away from Gotham, the Cat will…blackmail the biggest crime lords in town? Selina Kyle finds new enemies and new allies in the dark and familiar streets. Who can she really trust? Escape to Gotham City this weekend alongside Catwoman to find out.

The Premise:

Catwoman is back after making a life for herself in Alleytown, and she’s set her sights on the Gotham City underworld. Selina’s traced the money funding the worst of the worst in Alleytown to the four major crime bosses that claim Gotham. Each is formidable and powerful in their own right, and Catwoman wants to shut their operations down for good.

But Batman and his Bat-Family are nowhere to be seen, and she’s also caught the eye of a master thief with a secret scheme of his own. Oh, and she’s drawn the ire of Black Mask. What’s a cat to do? Whatever it is, you know Selina Kyle will do it in style.

Let’s Talk Talent:

Rising star Tini Howard made her Catwoman debut with these issues, but she’s no stranger to writing the Bat-Fam. Howard’s first story for DC was in Batman: Urban Legends #10, where she took Dick Grayson on an upbeat Christmas Carol-themed journey that was both action-packed and heartwarming. (Read it now on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE for some bonus holiday spirit!) Her run on Catwoman might be much darker, but it has just as much heart.

Nico Leon’s art glows with a neo-noir style that’s complemented by colorist Jordie Bellaire which manages to feel both captivating and tinged with danger. Catwoman is gorgeous and effortlessly cool in these pages. Leon occasionally expresses Selina’s emotional state through the position of the ears on her cowl, a delightful touch that cat owners will recognize immediately. Catwoman #39 was also Leon’s first solo series with DC and the start of what’s sure to be considered a legendary run.

Bengal takes over as interior artist for Catwoman #43-44 in an adventure co-starring Harley Quinn and Catwoman. You’ve probably seen his incredible covers for Supergirl and Teen Titans. His lively art style perfectly captures the chaotic energy of Harley Quinn and a fast-paced game of roller derby. What a combo!

A Few Reasons to Read:

  • Catwoman’s sense of justice is all her own, and this first arc gives you a good feel for it—and her personality. Selina’s monologues evoke a film noir atmosphere as they deliver just the right combination of exposition and wit.
  • The villains of this series are just as menacing as anyone in Batman’s rogues gallery. The crime bosses give the impression that Gotham’s secret underworld has been there all along, letting the costumed super-villains have the spotlight while they reap the profits on the downlow. Black Mask alone is more than a match for Catwoman—powerful, unhinged and volatile.

  • The characters popping up in Selina’s life are fascinating. From the mysterious and refined thief Valmont, to League of Assassins-trained vigilante Onyx Adams, to mercenary Red Claw, each one has a story that’s just begging to be explored. (Luckily, you can see more of Red Claw in Batman: The Animated Series, where she made her first appearance.)
  • Harley Freakin’ Quinn. The last two issues in this collection are dedicated to a side story starring Selina Kyle and Harley Quinn. During their girls’ trip together, Harley talks Selina into temporarily joining a roller derby team. If that sentence alone isn’t enough to make you jump in the car yourself to go pick up this graphic novel, you must be one of the bad guys!

Why It’s Worth Your Time:

Catwoman: Dangerous Liaisons is an intimate adventure. In these six issues, you’ll get a grasp of who Catwoman really is and what she stands for. Having her on her own without Batman or the other major characters in Gotham City shifts the spotlight solely on Selina, and she only benefits from it. Spend some time with Selina Kyle this weekend and you’ll appreciate her more than ever.

Catwoman: Dangerous Liaisons Vol. 1 is now available in bookstores, comic shops, libraries and as a digital graphic novel. You can also read it on DC UNIVERSE INFINITE.

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